*At the first sign of spring…

. Realized the buds on the trees for the first time this year. Reminded me of the time when I was having lunch with Doina and I told her about the buds on the trees outside. They always make me happy. It’s the sign of spring, the sign of life that I look forward to the most.


Additional thing about why I like this photo: everything was covered by snow at the background. ^^

. The day was pleasant. At first I was paired with the person I dislike the most at the school because of his attitude and behavior. My Vietnamese friends laughed so hard when they saw it! : D Later on, I managed to run away from him to the group I liked. I was frustrated with my poor Finnish and lack of imagination, but my group-mates seemed to be okay with it so it wasn’t too bad. And our spacious classroom with high ceiling and big windows was bright because the sun was shining outside.

. I often laughed joyfully throughout the day, which made me blush every now and then. I was feeling pretty and I was feeling happy. Even drops and drops of sadness were absorbed into my heart, I tried to keep my spirit high and being positive.

. Once in a while during these days when the sunshine has come back to us, I think of the autumn last year when I first came to this place, when I decided to move here and talked about it on the phone with Truc, when I was sitting with other people at the tables outside the Dining Hall in the autumn breeze and sunshine, to talk and to smile at the new journey ahead for each of us. Things have changed so much. Oh memories.


*Title is a line quoted from lyrics of the song “First Sign of Spring” from Bambi 2, which was sang by Michelle Lewis.


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