The last day of February.

There was another funny situation this morning concerning “my favorite person” when Khoa dragged a chair and dumped it next to me on the left, then went to sit next to me on the right. It left that chair to be the only available seat in the class, and “my favorite person” was the only absent person at the time. I was freaked out! “Khoa!! What have you just done?!?!”. My Vietnamese friends noticed it right away, and we all giggled in mutual understanding without the need to say even a word around the room (we tried not to sit close to each other). The situation was so dangerous to me (it was!), but it was all the more funny. It made Anna smile, too, seeing us being so happy. : D

My group in the first part of the morning included Khoa, Ivan, and I. Khoa was warmly welcoming Ivan when Anna told Ivan that he could choose the group he liked to be in, so Ivan chose us in the end. We had good time listening to each other’s stories.

At lunch, I met with a super duper cute puppy named Papi thanks to Heidi. I didn’t fancy chihuahua, but this particular tiny white one changed my mind the moment I saw it. Now I understand Katariina’s expression when she talked about it, when she mentioned she let this adorable friend curling up at the corner between her neck and shoulder. Must be lovely!

We watched Äideistä Parhain in the afternoon. It’s the best Finnish movie I’ve watched so far. It’s not easy for me to be touched by a movie, but this one made it. It’s just sad, thinking a person’s whole life could go on with the misunderstanding that he was not loved. But well, better late than never, to know it was not true.

Then there was this recent trend of “confessions” going on. It has been for a while but only today I suddenly thought “Oh, could it be that my high school has it, too?”. Of course it does. One of the people I know from high school sent me the link, and it was really fun reading it. I missed the old time, too.

I was startled again when somebody mentioned that March already started in Vietnam. February was short. I would have wanted to ask for more, but I think I’ve got enough of it : p. This very last day of the month, except for some disappointments, I was happy. Let’s keep smiling and being bright!

Oh, the snow was falling for a couple of minutes when we had dinner. What a shock! Now that the temperature is on plus side, the snow is melting and all, we got more snow. It was beautiful though. :”)

Last Day of February


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