In my dream, from my window, I could see the person working on his job through the window of that building. Then I was at a place I didn’t know of in Karjaa, some sort of like a house in circular shape. Everything appeared in warm candlelight. There was longing, there was sadness, there was hope for happiness, and there was happiness in it, too.

I was sad when I woke up. The people who first came to my mind used to be the source to my energy. Recently, it was just sadness.

I walked really slow. My heart was heavy. Even so, I’ve been picking up my habit of smiling to people on the street again; I hope it lights up their days a little bit just like how it lights up mine. Then I reached the small K-market. The cashier here asked me in Swedish about what language I speak, Finnish or Swedish. My answer was Finnish, so she turned to Finnish totally. She was being smiley and encouraging the whole time. It made me happy. My gloomy mood disappeared instantly. It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness could make a person’s day.

The positive things I told myself to do but I hadn’t be able to get it going for long, now I can. : )

And this bread was discounted with K-card!

And this bread was discounted with K-card!


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