The weather turned cold all of a sudden. A snowstorm came, gave us a brand new snow blanket on all the streets.


Who knows. Maybe this would be the last time I see the falling snow. We can never be sure we have enough time. Usually we don’t.

I had an unexpectedly busy Sunday. Cutting the bangs, steaming the hair, applying yogurt mask for face, going for a walk, cooking and eating, watching another episode of A Gentleman’s Dignity with Oanh, talking to family (it was pretty crowded this time – my parents, my sister and her husband and Thang Long, and Kien who is my closest cousin), chatting with friends, studying some more Finnish new words, doing the laundry, cleaning the common kitchen, etc. It felt like I didn’t stop at any moment. It felt good actually. Even it was not much, the feeling of getting many things done no matter how small they were was good. Sense of accomplishment. And keep on moving.

My room was also cleaned yesterday. Apparently I’ve had much more stuffs than when I first came. I was thinking about throwing away things I don’t need. Didn’t find any. Guess who’s having hard time letting go. : )


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