Back on track.

A teardrop in the universe ~

A teardrop in the universe ~

. There was this joke from Maija that when a person took the YKI test, he had the topic of asking for medicine, and he answered with a simple word: “Burana”. Of course when a person is sick and he/she loses his/her voice, there’s no need to speak more than that. I forgot to ask how they evaluate if it happens in the real test though.

IU released a new PV in Japan. It was pretty and the song was nice. She’s appearing much more in public again. ❤

The Confessions for Chi page has received a couple of messages. I like to read them over and over again because they warm up my heart.

These are the things from yesterday. I was too sad to write about them. Now I’m able to see the happiness again.

. It was surprising that Fredrik noticed I was tired in the morning. My eyes were puffy when I woke up but I thought it looked rather normal by the time I came to class… He asked but I said I didn’t want to talk about it and he respected. He did most of the work when we were in pair, then at lunch I wrote the sentences he made to give it to Anna.

I actively ignored some people. I’m not able to not notice their existence yet so I’m finding ways to avoid seeing them for now. What Katariina said was true. I didn’t do anything wrong. I tried what I could. If they insist on making me feel bad, it’s their problems, I shouldn’t pick it up as mine.

I felt better actually. Much better.


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