Be grateful.

I have been enjoying class recently. Before the skiing holiday, there was a period of time I didn’t as much. It’s good that now I do, since the test is this day next month (unbelivable!). In the class today, we were divided to pairs, each of us had a list of words which we had to explain for the other person to guess. My pair was Sofia. It was difficult sometimes but we tried to stick to explaining in Finnish. After the break, we learned about “this, that, it” in different forms for different purposes, as well as their plural forms. It felt great to get a hold of it. Sort of. : p

I had lunch mostly with Sofia and Katariina. We didn’t have the general info session in the auditorium as we thought we did, so Sofia went home and Katariina went with me to the library. Then I had my piano lesson with Pati in the chapel because the band room was occupied. It was nice indeed.

Sometime in the afternoon, I finished reading The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. It made me kind of sad. In a good way.

*The upcoming quote and picture are spoilers.

‘I feel I should answer you, Mr Stevens. As you say, we may not meet again for many years. Yes, I do love my husband. I didn’t at first. I didn’t at first for a long time. When I left Darlington Hall all those years ago, I never realized I was really, truly leaving. I believe I thought of it as simply another ruse, Mr Stevens, to annoy you. It was a shock to come out here and find myself married. For a long time, I was very unhappy, very unhappy indeed. But then year after year went by, there was the war, Catherine grew up, and one day I realized I loved my husband. You spend so much time with someone, you find you get used to him. He’s a kind, steady man, and yes, Mr Stevens, I’ve grown to love him.

Miss Kenton fell silent again for a moment. Then she went on:

‘But that doesn’t mean to say, of course, there aren’t occasions now and then – extremely desolate occasions – when you think to yourself: “What a terrible mistake I’ve made with my life.” And you get to thinking about a different life, a better life you might have had. For instance, I get to thinking about a life I may have had with you, Mr Stevens. And I suppose that’s when I get angry over some trivial little thing and leave. But each time I do so, I realize before long – my rightful place is with my husband. After all, there’s no turning back the clock now. One can’t be forever dwelling on what might have been. One should realize one has as good as most, perhaps better, and be grateful.



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