Better this way.

We had a long study day. I personally prefer the morning when there weren’t many people nor disturbances. The listening exercise wasn’t too difficult. The homework was long but not difficult neither. The idioms were fun. Afterwards, I was tired but it felt like I learned a lot of things.

I haven’t been afraid of being with people anymore. I’m able to see them as good people with flaws again. It’s okay to have flaws. I like to be with them, I really do. I’m glad to see that the negativeness has left me.

I liked all the meals, including afternoon coffee of course. At lunch, the snow was sparkling under the sunshine. At dinner, the snow was falling beautifully while we were eating and talking and laughing cozily inside. A woman had a very very cute little child with her. We talked to her in Finnish, smiled to the child (who I think is a girl), and the child smiled back to us. She even held Oanh’s fingers in her tiny lovely hands, which was so adorable!

So my life goes on, as beautifully as it could be. Some people are not meant to be in it. I can’t say I’m not sad about it, but I think it’s for the best, to forget them. There’s this one thing I shouldn’t forget though: Don’t forget to keep my heart warm and kind. The lesson I should have learned about not trusting people, I’d rather not take it.

Some beautiful bokeh from the ethereal snow.

Some beautiful bokeh from the ethereal snow.


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