It was so beautiful it made me happy.

. The frozen frosted sparkling branches on top of the trees under the sunshine were breathtakingly beautiful. It was as if a fairy flied by and hanged strings of precious gems on trees after trees at night, to gift us a piece of magic when the sun rose up. When I walked on that road of morning light, I couldn’t help but smiling a lot. I was really, truly happy.

. The magic continued when I was having breakfast. The tiny little snow was falling softly from the trees, glittering in the sunshine, while being highlighted by the green pines in the background. I was looking at it the whole time. I wish I could stare at it the whole day. It was such an alluring scene.

I went to try to take picture of it, but of course I couldn’t capture its beauty. I was standing in the gentle morning light, looking up at the sky, and the snow was floating around me  How blissful I was.

The snow looks like dust on the screen here... Oh, but there's also an airplane! :)

The snow looks like dust on the screen here… Oh, but there’s also an airplane! : )

. I wasn’t very happy in the class though. Not because of the class, but because I quickly went to my room one time and from a glimpse I felt that a person who was in the Dining Hall was uncomfortable when he realized it was me. “Can you not look away when you see me?”, I wanted to go and ask but I didn’t. It bothered me so much, my mood got so low. Then Maija told us about her granddaughter who is not even two year old yet. She likes flowers. Whenever she goes to shops that have flowers section, she would come there, hold her hands behind her back, lower her upper body, close her eyes, and smell the flowers. That’s so cute it made me smile again!

. I got much better after the trip to the center with Katariina. I guess it was partly because of the sunshine, and partly because I got to talk to her comfortably without the struggle with finishing the food nor the presence of other people around.

. I was having dinner while listening to my music with headphones on when Emil came to me. Emil is a young Russian boy who lives next to my room. One time, I got angry with the situation that my Vietnamese friends and I had to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen day after day, that every morning I would find something newly unwashed in the common area, so I told Emil who was present at the time to tell other Russians that they needed to wash and clean up everything right away after they used. It was unintentional, but I think I scared him. But then he would still say hi to me every time we cross. And today, when I was having dinner, listening to music with headphones on, he came to me, called me so I took the headphones off, and he said: “Chi! Xin chào!”. He had this genuinely happiness and eagerness on his face when he said these Vietnamese words to me that it put a wide smile on my face, too. Such happiness and eagerness when he spoke those very simple Vietnamese words, I had never seen from anyone else before.

Just like that, I realized I had been way too serious all this while. Most probably the reason why I make other people uncomfortable is because I’m uncomfortable, too. So what if I “have the feeling that” they “kind of” ignore my hi-s and smiles? I’m not an annoying person, and those things are not inappropriate behaviors. I shouldn’t be afraid of reaching out to people. Better be innocent, be brave, like a child would be. No need to try so hard to be considerate and appropriate while it’s not necessary.

. And Ui has just come back!!!! ❤


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