Stay focused.

. When being asked about what he would do to his friend on April’s Fool, Khoa said that people could send text messages to their friends saying “I love you”. When it came to Olga’s turn, she said it’s a difficult day for her (me too!) because Khoa would have sent her a text message saying he loves her, and she would not know how to go out of her room and face his strong love! : D

. Filip saw me playing piano behind the bookshelves. He said hi to me while smiling widely and brightly. I wish people would often say hi and smile like that to each other. It would make the day.

. Recently, there are things that would remind me of one person in the past. The walk under the starry sky, the smell of a particular perfume in the hallway in the morning, Uno and poker. I think about that person and I try not to think deeper into it. I guess that’s how I will forget all the awful things that had happened. Only gentle memories remain.

. That person ….
I ache when I see him
and I ache when I can’t see him.
I’m miserable when he’s here
and I’m miserable when he’s not.

– Eun Jo (Cinderella’s Sister)

Good thing is? Even if you are always in the back of my mind, I’m able to stay focused quite well in class. It’s important, right?

I have a life. Beautiful, indeed. I wish you were in it. But maybe you will never really be.



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