Two extremes.

There was this huge disappointment at lunch. I was wondering where I could runaway to now (why did I take dessert already? I shouldn’t have!) but apparently there was no need for that. But then, I found myself laughing so hard it’s hard to breathe and tears were coming out from my eyes (about me commenting on Huy’s bad luck with the salmon: “Chắc do ăn ở đó Huy! Nãy giờ Chi đâu có đụng trúng miếng xương cá nào đâu!”, about Khoa’s reminder of the Truth and Dare game: “Which side is bigger?”, about Khoa teaching a bad word to Emil, and so on). It’s so nice to laugh genuinely.

Well, and maybe, maybe… I want to have a chance to make the infinitely incomplete infinitely complete.



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