With light.

Khoa and Oanh went for a walk with me this morning. The route was the same with the one I took with Mette and Kasia, but in opposite direction this time. We talked a lot. I think we did talk more than just relationship-related things. Oanh got cold toward the end, so I hugged her a couple of times. Together with Khoa, we three have developed the habit of hugging each other every morning. Well, they hug me every morning, to be exact. I would say thank you and wish them a nice day. It feels comforting and warm. It’s an extra drop of energy for a new day.

We had breakfast together when we got back.

Andrew came to talk with us at lunch. I learned to say “Hur mår du?” (“How are you?” in Swedish) from him. I thought about that person, about this first time I spoke the language he speaks and thinks in every single day, about how I seemed to be the one who spoke it the best in the group, and how I wish he could be the reason for me to learn it.

I was listening to radio Aalto while having dinner and this song came:

Its lyrics caught my attention instantly. Its video is unexpectedly cute. Later on, I set it to be my new phone ringtone. Maybe I will need to change it back to Spring I Love You Best with “I wish I had someone new tender to my heart” soon, but hopefully I won’t find the need for that…

❝I have always been in love with you, but
you are unable to see that
I have felt this way every night and day
wishing that you would just come a little closer❞

❝You must be blind
believe me I have tried
but nothing that I do gets you to see me
How do you feel
I need to know
because my heart just wants to scream it❞

So another holiday has ended. I don’t like holidays now, because I can’t study as much as I want to and I can’t let myself rest properly neither.


Trying to get some rest in the sunshine…


Good that we’re back to school tomorrow.


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