I don’t remember being too stressed or trying too hard, so I don’t get why I’m so exhausted after the test. It feels like all the energy was twisted out of my body.

I couldn’t explain it to anyone. And I’m not sure what I expect. None of the advice seems to satisfy me, nobody seems to care enough to understand how really tired I am.

Maybe I just want a hug from that person and to stay there as long as I could.

The snow fell for a couple of hours. Gracefully.

I had a video chat with my mother and sister. My father wasn’t there because he went to Ho Chi Minh City to help with the divorce of my brother. When I heard about it, I wanted to ask for my sister-in-law’s email address so I could tell her that she’s a beautiful person and she deserves better.

My mother’s Internet connection was bad so my sister and I were playing around with Hangout while waiting. It was fun.


Then basically I was just curling up on my comfy bed in my cozy room, looking out of the windows, and wishing to have a purring cat sleeping peacefully next to me right then and there.



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