Comfort from the past.

I don’t like the fabric conditioner I’m using at the moment. In an attempt of trying a new one, I accidentally bought one that has the smell of the person I used to be crazy about but don’t ever want to meet again this whole life. I dislike it so much I usually leave my clothes in the drying room so the smell can fade and it won’t be my room’s smell.

Then today after sauna, I used my towel to wipe my face. The feeling of burying my face deep into the towel and snuggling in it together with that smell suddenly brought me the comfort when I hugged that person. It wasn’t about the person, not at all. I just liked that feeling of comfort so much. I was consoled, I was at ease.


And finally today I think I understand this quote: “You cannot save people, you can only love them.” (Anaïs Nin)


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