I applied compensation for vendor machine malfunction on VR website yesterday and right of study at HAMK today. I searched for apartments and jobs in Valkeakoski. I paid some bills. I cleaned up the whole room, sang along to the music while doing it. I was in the common room, had some food I cooked for myself, watched them playing the game Oanh got to know from a Korean show named Running Man (It went like this: The first person thought of a word, wrote it on a paper, showed it to the second person. The second person had 10 seconds to draw, then showed the picture to the third one. The third one had 10 second to draw the picture again, and showed it to the fourth person. The fourth and fifth person repeated the same process. The sixth person received the picture which the fifth person drew and guessed what the word originally was). Then I washed my dishes, listened to them counting the seconds, and I thought I would miss it.

Some tiny details made me happy, too. Seeing the face instead of the back. The door was held a bit longer for me to pass by. And some extra seconds to coincidentally quickly see then to feel.

I’m still sad, but peaceful.

Something meaningful only to me.

Something meaningful only to me.

*Title is a Vietnamese word, meaning gentle and soft.


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