Gloomy but happy.

. At breakfast, Ruby said she wasn’t in good mood yesterday but she was lightened up after seeing the photos Khoa, Oanh, and I took together. She said we are pure and different, we enjoy little things, we are not like other people she meet, and that she believes it’s fate she’s here to meet us. Isn’t it nice, to start a day knowing you made a person happy just by being happy yourself? : )

. Watched “Koirankynnen leikkaaja” (“se on kertomus hyvistä ihmisistä”; and the cute dog in it is a Finnish Spitz according to Katariina) with alkeis group then even had time for checking homework and learned one more new thing in class.

. The moment when both Ui and Oanh offered to share their umbrellas with me while we were walking on the street.

. This “gift” from naughty Alex.


. Long talk with Oanh and Ui in the evening. Tried out OPI Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! from Ui on little finger on the right. Also “Maybe I should talk to him in Finnish” (on Filip – a very quiet Finn who goes to English class with Ui) and Ui replied: “Gambatte!” with very funny face expression. : D

. So another rainy but good day passed by and now it’s time to sleep.


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