Some things are better with the rain.

Like today when Alex and I were being quiet in the common room while the rain was pouring outside. I was preparing for dinner and he was having dinner. My iPod Touch was playing some songs and he was doing some movements as if he was enjoying it. Then I asked about whether he would still want to go to the center, for which he answered yes. “Do you have…” “Nope”, he understood before I finished my question. “I have an umbrella but…” “It’s pink?” “No, just many flowers.” I looked at his face and added “Well I didn’t choose it, my friend gave it to me since I didn’t have any when I came” “Uhm hmm!”, he nodded and smiled, the kind of smile showing he knew I would have chosen a floral umbrella myself if given the chance. Imagining this big muscular guy holding my tiny floral umbrella walking on the street made me smile.

Then he drew on my yogurt again when I cooked in the kitchen. He denied when I confronted him of course, so I tried to write his name on it showing it was his face. He grabbed the yogurt before I could do so. When I finally got it back, I wrote his name on it, gave the pen back to him, and hid the yogurt away. Everything happened pretty fast and it was fun.

He made a V sign to say goodbye when he went out.


Seeing the dark clouds at the far back while the sun was still shining.


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