Running around like a squirrel.

The sun was shining already when I woke up in the morning. In the far back, the cloud seemed dark though. I thought it was going to rain. But then it turned out to be a brilliant spring morning. Everything felt fresh and lively.




After a half an hour in class with Anna, I went to watch a football match. It was between Lärkkulla students and some students from a Finnish-speaking high school here in Karjaa. We won!

In the afternoon, we had ruoka päivä in which we made something to introduce food from our country. We ate and talked and then some of us played games.

After afternoon coffee, I went to the center with Oanh to return books to the library. On our way, I showed her the first lily-of-the-valley flowers this year. I realized how tired I was while having dinner. Felt like it was less tiring yesterday after going to the center with Khoa and Mette to pick up boxes and buy food to prepare for ruoka päivä today. Must be because I wasn’t going around as much.

Then cleaned up the kitchen, uploaded the photos. There’s still this work of packing waiting.

And here comes the sadness again…

Ah, the cleaning lady who talks to me the most talked to me again today in the morning. At first she exclaimed about the fact that this week is our last week. Then she asked about where I’m going to, where I’m from, whether I have good family. She also told me to remember to use Finnish, because not only it’s needed to stay here but also because it will give me better salary. The thing which made me surprised the most was, she kept telling me “niin surullinen tyttö”. I think she was saying I have been being so sad… If that way I understood her correctly, then she reminded me of Maija because they both could realize when I’m sad. I didn’t think I showed it way too obviously because I have been really happy and grateful for every single moment… Anyway, I hugged her and I said thank you. Oh really, what did I do to be so loved? How will I be able to handle the goodbyes?


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