“Good timing” for the rain.

. Filip R. smiled and said hi to me in the morning at breakfast. It was nice to see him back at school. He asked how I was and we talked a little bit about where he went.

. We were supposed to have a picnic after a tour to Raseborg Castle, but it was raining so we only had a quick lunch. But the tour around the Raseborg castle was fun indeed! Our guide was the most humorous guide I have ever met! I laughed the whole time! When he told a story, he even made us each to be one of the character or thing (e.g. fighting boat), and sang when it was suitable. Didn’t know a castle tour could be so fun and interesting.

Our humorous guide. <3

Our humorous guide. ❤

. I had the last sauna at Lärkkulla with Oanh, Diana, and shortly with Rita. Even it’s the last week, it has been really empty. Most of the music students are taking entrance exams away from school, and many people from the language program left already. I still remember the days when the girls were singing in the sauna and the boys were practicing in the studio, it was so lively and full of sounds and smiles. Diana also said there’s sauna at her boyfriend’s place, but it will not be the same as it was here. Well, what could ever be the same again?


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