“Welcome to Valkeakoski”.

I haven’t been blogging for a while. After leaving Karjaa, I didn’t have Internet connection at home, and I was in a whirlwind of settling down with the new apartment, visa application, account at school, etc. I thought I wouldn’t be too sad while being such a busy bee, plus I met many nice customer service people, but I still was, and still am. Having some days with Linh and having Doina and Jani coming to help me with moving my belongings yesterday helped though. It felt almost normal again.

Finally I was able to go through the photos I took during the last day at Lärkkulla, filtered them, and uploaded them to facebook. When I received the comments and likes and shares from people, it was as if I was there again, being accepted and surrounded by warm gentle love. Doina was right about me not being all that happy to be back here to Valkeakoski, to the place where all my friends left and the rest is not very close (or better-not-meet even). But it’s better than staying in Karjaa where everything is familiar but nothing is ever the same again. And what do I do there? I don’t know. I love many places (e.g. the flower shops) but I can’t speak Swedish and my Finnish is not that great neither. At least I have some purposes here in Valkeakoski. And Doina is glad to have me back.

From now on, I can’t use the Auto Detect feature to get my Location at Lärkkulla address again.

But hey, let’s have a new start!

Got a welcome package from the City of Valkeakoski today. : )

Got a welcome package from the City of Valkeakoski today. : )


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