Like this…

I had a heavy dream and I was more than glad I woke up. I was in Lärkkulla again but this time the scene was at my elementary school. Our teacher Anna (I don’t know why she appears in my dreams often these days), Sofia, and Khoa were with me. We were preparing for a math test (?), and I was trying to talk more in Finnish because we didn’t have much time left before the end of the school year. The test was in the afternoon so we needed to go have lunch first. On my way back, I couldn’t move forward. It was getting late, I wouldn’t have enough time. My body was heavy, I could only barely step forward. Then I woke up, felt relieved.

I still miss Lärkkulla a lot. I miss my small room and my bed. I miss the things we did, the time we spend. Today, one of Lärkkulla kitchen staff I added on facebook posted some photos. She lives in Tammisaari but I guess Karjaa would be just as sunny.

Can’t stop longing for the past…

At least it made me smile..

At least it made me smile..


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