Turned some heads. :”)

Haven’t blogged for the last two days because Ngoc (Ngoc Pham/Emerald) came and I preferred spending time with/for her. She left this morning so here I am again.


I’ve decided to wear dresses even more than before because now I still can. Time passes by fast and at some point I won’t be able to wear the pretty dresses I like so much anymore. The weather in Valkeakoski currently (and generally in the whole Finland as well I believe) is pretty decent for this purpose, so I will wear as many dresses and shorts as I could. They are comfortable and nice so why not : )

The set I wore today was a combination of a discounted Mango dress (I had my eyes on it ever since it wasn’t on sale!) and a pair of ASOS kitten cat eye glasses. The discount on the Mango dress wasn’t much but I had the intention to buy it even before it went on sale so I was more than glad when the sale came at the right time. As for the sunglasses, I’d never thought of wearing them until recently I felt that the sunshine was too much sometimes. Mango had a pair of cat eye glasses on sale also, but it wasn’t in the color I like and when the color I liked was available I already made the purchase for the dress so I didn’t want to pay for shipping once again (the dress wasn’t available in store in Idea Park). Furthermore, I had kind of feeling that the Mango pair of sunglasses wouldn’t match my face very well, while the ASOS pair seems cute and perfect for me. ASOS doesn’t charge shipping neither, which is obviously a huge advantage. The set I wore today wasn’t my familiar way of dressing up, but it was nice to try something new and feel good with the whole experience.

Oh I haven’t mentioned about the bag. It was a bag I bought in Germany many years ago. I hadn’t used it for a long time because it didn’t quite match with my style back then, until I wanted to mix and match somehow so that I would use my clothes and my bags which seemed to hang in my closet forever. When I finally did use this bag, I found it to be quite useful actually. It could match both casual and formal wear, it goes well with most colors, and it’s pretty big to hold many stuffs. I’m a bit sad now because it seems to fall apart. I haven’t seen any other bags which I like like this one. Well..


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