Some new things.

It’s July and I think it’s time to stop lazing around. I didn’t really relax during June anyway. The urge of doing things have always been just behind my back and I couldn’t seem to get any proper relax at all. If that didn’t work then I should as well just start doing something useful.

So today I threw away many things I didn’t need anymore in my place, took care of my hair and skin, took a look at the courses I enrolled on Skillshare (one of them requires Illustrator and I wonder about the possibility of using it at school), and started a blog in Finnish. The most challenging task was the last one. I’m not confident at writing in Finnish at all. I think it will be very easy to realize I was trying to translate from English to Finnish. Well, but everything has to have a start. I don’t remember exactly when I started writing in English, but it mustn’t be easy right from the beginning. I must have made lots of mistakes still, but I’m not afraid of using it. It’s my goal. To be able to not be afraid of using Finnish/making mistakes in Finnish. I shouldn’t let 9 months of studying it go to waste. I should be happy instead, for being able to use such a difficult language. Right?

Hopefully I can maintain the pace of these two blogs. Maybe I should be a full-time blogger : D. People may think writing blog is easy but it actually is real work. Seriously.


It gets darker earlier right after Juhannus, woah…


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