Moments of being alone.

A night not long ago, a thought came to me about how people usually yearn for Friday every week, how quick time flies by, and how we go through one Friday after another and life ends before we realize it.

At that moment, I don’t know why but I suddenly felt that I want to be alone. For a long time, I have always longed for a special person with whom I can spend my life with. I wish we wouldn’t be lonely when we are with each other, we could grow as better people while being together as time passes by. But that moment, I just wanted to be alone for my whole life, which was really weird. I still don’t know how to explain.

Then yesterday when I was in the bus, I looked at my hands and I strangely felt that I actually loved myself a lot. It lasted for a couple of minutes and I was amazed by how it could possibly happen at all.


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