I was very happy when I talked to my family on Google Hangout. I smiled all the time while talking and listening to them. One of the happiest moment was when my nephew Sam ran back and forth between my sister and my brother-in-law, continuously laughing out loud while doing it. Watching it happening filled me up with warmth. It was pure happiness. Now Sam also knows how to wave hands to me and my parents on webcam. And when my parents showed him their naughty orange tabby cat while my sister was feeding him (he ate spoon after spoon, very fun to watch), his big eyes opened wide with curiosity. It was simply cuteness overload on my laptop screen.

I was truly blessed to be born in this family.

Later during the day, I don’t remember how but I ended up watching the newest song from F-ve Dolls (formerly known as 5dolls. I really don’t get the point of the change, it’s now even harder to remember the name) featuring Dani. Reading the comments made me feel sorry for Dani. She’s just a young girl being caught up in the mist of T-ara scandal last year and gets all the unreasonable hate. Honestly speaking, she does look a little weird in the MV, but she’s still a good rapper nonetheless. It reminds me of a gif image on tumblr I saw a long while ago, in which Ke$ha said with tears on her face, “Why are people so angry?”. Maybe I should just stop reading the comments and enjoy the song instead. I don’t like the MV, but the song itself is nice. CCM produces good songs to listen to.


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