I actually don’t remember much of what I did today. The clearest image in my head is me reading Oh Comely while having yogurt mask on my face. It wasn’t sunny. The sky was cloudy, which made my room somehow grey-ish. I didn’t listen to any musics at all. It was just softly quiet. Sometimes I could hear the wind and the sound of autumn leaves falling.

I wrote lots of emails. These days, I find comfort in writing. I’m not quite sure the people who receive my messages will reply. Except for some cases I really need the answers so I could proceed further with the matter, most of them I don’t want to expect anything when I send them out. I don’t want to think they are too busy to answer me, I like to think they don’t know how.

Instead of Running Man, I watched the first episode of Amazing f(x) when I was having dinner. Now I really have to be careful when I watch anything that f(x) is in. Right before this, I was crazy over the dress that Luna wore on stage for a performance of Rum Pum Pum Pum (the white dress that has the print like rainbow lips), and now comes the most beautiful galaxy dress I’ve ever seen! I love how it looks like floating, the transparent layer, its collar, its form – basically everything about it! Like seriously, can I have their wardrobes?


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