I wasn’t fond of travelling before. All of the sudden, now I do. Or is it sudden? I’m not quite sure. Maybe it started from the time when we were in Denmark, when I spent beautiful time with people I love to be with so much in a happy city in spring. Or maybe it was activated when I saw beautiful pictures of Hallstatt from this link, and I couldn’t help but imagine myself waking up to a dreamy morning, sipping a cup of tea on a balcony looking up to the lake and the Alps, reading books or maybe an Oh Comely issue, and simply breathing. So I signed up on Couchsurfing. I have no detailed plan, but during this lifetime I for sure want to visit it. For the first time ever, travelling seems appealing to me.

Since I’ve always been thinking of learning how to build up a website, I registered on Codecademy to learn some coding. I don’t know how it will go and how much time I will have for it, but it’s never bad to learn something useful that has always been on my mind. I also think about graphic design, but I guess I can start with drawing first like this article suggests.

During the day, I also had time to continue reading a bit of Oh Comely. I went through the section in which people in Oh Comely got in touch with other people of the same name, then they shared stories about that. It seemed boring for me at first, but I was determined to read every single thing in that magazine, so I gave it a go. It didn’t disappoint me one bit. In fact, it was so hilarious that it made me laugh out loud! My favorite was the one in which Elizabeth Bennet had a conversation with her fictional character from Pride and Prejudice. She asked the questions and the answers were quotes from the book. Really very hilarious! I liked the tone in the story which the teenager was scared of the same-name person who reached out to her as well. Very entertaining, lifted my mood.

Khoa called me in the evening. It surprised me since he never liked using the phone (neither call nor text message) since it costs money. This time he called naturally because he didn’t have Internet connection, but still it warmed my heart <3. He seemed to be a lot calmer these days, things seemed to be going all right, so I’m reassured at least on his side.

Yesterday, coincidentally, I came across some photos I took during this time two years ago. Once so beautiful, it was.


This photo was taken exactly 2 years ago, on 17th September 2011. Look how bright their smiles are…

Pati clicked “Like” for this photo on facebook. Tika clicked “Like” for my comment on a photo of the music students group at Lärkkulla this year. It’s still hard for me to think that I don’t live together at the same roof with them anymore. I still remember Tika being in the sauna with us practicing singing, and Aurora was saying that sometimes they thought they could gain some abs by singing that way. I remember Tika’s laugh which is very special and identical of her. I remember giving her the nickname “full of energy” (without her knowing, of course), remember her being so active and smiley and cheerful, remember us bumping to each other at the door to our floor, remember her with her suitcase since her home is in Tammisaari. And I remember Pati, of course, with our usual piano practice, of the hug she gave me when I was really down during the Houtskär trip, of her patience and encouragement throughout.

What a beautiful life I’ve had. I miss it dearly.


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