I would never have imagined a day I could say something like this, but yes, the mathematics class was the thing that made me the happiest today. I couldn’t believe I was really doing the exercises all by myself in class, I knew what I was doing, and I got the correct answers. I was able to handle something I thought to be impossible for me all this while. But I did it, simply by putting in a bit more effort and concentration. I was so surprised by that. Of course, a big contribution went to my teacher who explained it all so well. Now I remember why in Finland it’s more important to vote in the local election than the national level. It’s because most of the taxes will go to the city where you live, and only about 1/3 goes to the government. Plus, the taxes in local level is relative, meaning it is fixed for everyone no matter how you earn, whereas it’s progressive in national level, meaning the more you earn the more taxes you will pay. Ha, now I can even explain these things, how cool! Maybe it was the inspiration for me to read business news like I’m doing at the moment, with the enthusiasm that I didn’t expect of?

Then I went to Tandem project in the high school. I was in Maths class so I was late for this one, but I don’t think it matters much. I was watching a group playing a game which is very similar with a Vietnamese game (literally translated as “seahorse game”) I used to play when I was small.

I continued with the drawing project in the evening. I didn’t manage to do it yesterday so today I wanted to catch up with it right away. I also signed up for the online discussion for Social Psychology course. Later on I received a new email from Prof. Scott saying that he was in one of the discussions this morning, and I immediately thought the students who joined it with him was so fortunate! I have this impression that Prof. Scott has become a celebrity somehow. Everyone seems to like him a lot, not just only me. : D

Then I have been meeting and talking to more people recently. Notably, I talked to Na again, after about a year of not communicating to each other at all due to a conflict last summer when we stayed together at Full House. I’m comfortable with all these. I think my balance between being alone and being with other people is getting better, which is good of course. No matter how introverted I am, I want to be with other people, too.

*Took a picture of my food today, but don’t intend to upload it. : p


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