Today I move on to the current issue of Oh Comely (issue 17) since I finished the back one (issue 12) yesterday. I don’t remember which one comes first, the comfortably quiet world of Oh Comely issue 12, or the realization of how beautiful the cover for issue 17 is (the atmosphere, the mood, the model, the background – they all fit the magazine perfectly). In any case, for both reasons combined, now I have issue 17 in hands for more good feelings and inspirations to come. For today at least, I had a bite of that already when I read about people who contributed to the magazine (except for those who work there). I liked the stories of Beinta who photographed this issue’s cover and Marina Muun who painted a cat in the space. I guess I’m easily fascinated by people with their stories in small places that are close to nature. This issue is specified with space, and I’ve always fond of stars and anything related, so the enjoyment is predictable.

Talking to my family is nice as usual. My parents experienced some problems with Google Hangout, so we turned to Skype this time. Unlike Google Hangout, Skype doesn’t allow group chat without paying, which made us end up talking without seeing each other (main reason why we used Google Hangout in the first place). This is one of many things I don’t like about Skype, adding up to not being able to delete conversation history from only one person, or adding people to one group to hide it completely without deleting them. Well, at least I was still able to hear the super cute voice of my nephew Samuel :* :* :* and boost up my motivation to do many things.

I won’t have to write any assignments for Social Psychology tonight, but I will do the peer assessment again to give my course-mates more generous grades and more encouraging comments. After all, the purpose of the Day of Compassion assignment is not about grade but about making positive impact for other people, by giving out and automatically receiving happiness back from that. And this is the last chance to talk to my peers via grading them, better giving some sweet notes.

Jussi has just posted on facebook about Lärkkulla’s annual Archipelago camp in Houtskär tomorrow. I miss it so much. I miss it dearly… But hey, I have a life here now. Shouldn’t miss it by dwelling too much on a beautiful past. Let it be strength, not something to hold me back.


A beautiful day. The view from my window is changing colors with the maple tree. Whenever the wind blows the autumn leaves, spreading them away to fly up to the sky and slowly touch the ground, I couldn’t help but exhaling “wow…” and grasping for more air.


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