Some notes at late hour.

I have been going to sleep late recently, which is unusual for a person like me who is well-known between my friends to be the first in line to sleep. I love sleeping.

It started to change after I left Lärkkulla. I tried to get back to track but it didn’t seem to work. Then recently I find my disorganized pattern to be actually fitting well with what’s necessary for my current life. So I let it be like that.

While early hour of my day is reserved for reading Oh Comely – being relaxed, having some light and nutritious food for the soul with a cup of tea, writing comes to me at late hour. Not much of anything, just my random thoughts, little things in my life.

Like just now, I’ve installed another trial version of Kaspersky for my laptop, because I don’t have enough money to buy the commercial version and I don’t want to deal with virus on my laptop for the 3rd time.

Like the article in Oh Comely back issue talking about how to sleep when counting sheep doesn’t work, which coincidentally fits with my conversation with Khiet An earlier on facebook. I didn’t tell her about it though because I provided her already another helpful article which was published on my birthday 7 years ago. Coincidence, coincidence…

I thought about Shinji and how she deals with people approaching her but she doesn’t know how to reply or isn’t comfortable with replying and then be called ungrateful. I don’t have a clear clue but I guess she just vents it out in her another little world on tumblr once in a while then keeps being cool and free. After all, you have the right to choose who will get into your life, right?


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