The first thing I did when I woke up is checking the grade for my last assignment of Social Psychology course – the Day of Compassion. I got 13 out of 14, which was unexpectedly high for me. The messages from people who graded my assignment were very nice and encouraging.

❝peer 1 → i loved your assignment, very creative and it made me smile. well done..

peer 2 → The whole analysis is a sharing of the experience. It is very detail and I like the tones in this analysis. 1 point is taken off since I hope he can try more during the day to stay warm.

peer 3 → The best essay I have read so far. Writer is extremely insightful. I can identify with some issues because I spend a lot of time by myself-due to health reasons, but we do not allow that to stop us from being compassionate to others. This is an excellent story and I wish you all the best. Please take care of yourself, continue your studies and I’m sure we’ll meet each other again, possibly via another Coursera Course!

peer 4 → It is a very personal piece of work, and that is why I loved it. After having read it, I would like to know this person better, because she seems very humane. I think that this is the best consequence of the Day of Compassion : feeling kindness towards people we don’t know.

peer 5 → Great effort. Its not easy being in a country that is not your own. I’ve been living in a country I’m not originally from for over 12 years and at times every now and again I miss where I’m originally from. But hang in there, things will get better : )❞

Many people complained the grade they received was unfair and the comments were nasty, so I suppose I have been very lucky. Generally, I don’t have any problems whatsoever with peer assessment throughout this course.

I read Oh Comely in the hazy light of a rainy day. I like music but reading Oh Comely seems to suit better without music on. Honestly, there were times when I was afraid I might get bored of reading it. Not very often, but it happens sometimes that I can be obsessed over something and get bored the next day. Luckily it never seems to happen with Oh Comely. Every time there’s something new and inspiring. I can even imagine myself getting old and still reading Oh Comely with a cup of tea (actually wrote this on a paper after a sip of tea that warmed me up instantly).

There were other things that made me happy today. Since my budget is tight, I have been digging up what I still have at home, giving it some thoughts, and using them instead of buying new things all the time. I save money like that, try to use my brain a little more for the better, and be happy with the impact I get for myself. Then I also took notes of my thoughts on paper with a black-ink pen. I saw it in the list of a person on tumblr a long while ago. At first I thought it was kind of ridiculous. What difference does it make if I use a blue pen instead of a black one? But it got stuck on my mind for some weird reason, and now I also need to admit that writing with black pen gets me into ‘the mood” easier. It just strangely happens that way. So really, black-ink pen is artistic?

Handwriting in black.

Handwriting in black.

In addition to all that, there was also this happy feeling when the dresses fit nicely when I put them on, the burst-out laughs when I watched Running Man, the new book added to my iBooks to read on the go.

Talking about it, the “new” book I mentioned is Looking for Alaska by John Green. I was so much in love with The Fault in Our Stars some months ago that I wasn’t able to read more books from John Green, but now I think I can. I like the humor in his book and the words he uses.

I love words and the beauty of it. It’s amazing to be able to feel how beautiful it is. Words. Sometimes it’s nothing, and sometimes it’s everything.


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