My mood isn’t very good now so I won’t write about it. Let’s just talk about the good and/or fun things.

I think I still liked the Mathematics class, although the topics we went through today weren’t not as easy as last time. During the break, a Chinese girl came and talked to me. It’s not something that happens everyday in Finland, to have somebody you don’t know comes and talks to you, so I put aside my book (aka ebook in my iPod Touch) and chatted with her. Then I was distracted a bit during the class. I’m not 100% sure but the boys who sat behind me were trying to get my attention or something. I heard they said my name after I gave them the attendance list, and they threw something near my table but I didn’t look. I didn’t have any idea what kind of intention they had, whether it was good or bad, whether it was to tease me or what. I didn’t know so I just tried to ignore it. Maybe they were bored in class and I seemed to be an easy target. It gave quite a high-school feeling. Kind of funny.

Talking about “guys” and “funny” reminds me of a moment today when I was in Lidl. I was putting my stuffs to a plastic bag when I turned a bit to the right to see a baby girl on her dad’s shopping cart. I finished putting the stuffs in, kept smiling at her (Finnish babies are smiling pills, I smile automatically whenever I see them), then I continued turning to the right on the way to go outside, and caught a guy’s eyes. The situation was quite hilarious, when I was still smiling not at him but he was there, and he was looking at me and didn’t have time to avert his eyes. And awkward, of course. Good that I was already on my way out.

And the rainbow today was breathtakingly beautiful. I still remember how wide and clear and bright it was across the sky. It appeared as if two or three rainbows were combined together, with many layers of colors one after one. On one side of the rainbow, the sun was still shining. On the other side, the cloud was dark and gloomy. The leaves were flying up to the sky, and the rain was falling softly together with the wind. I knew a photo wouldn’t be able to capture how beautiful the whole scene was, but I couldn’t help taking it anyway.


Maybe I’ll watch another Running Man episode now, or continue reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (I started reading it yesterday and it’s been really good so far).

Tomorrow… Breathe and take it easy. : )


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