It was a good start of the month.

Although I ran out of a lot of things, I still managed to have a decent breakfast with some substitutes at home. Using sugar instead of jam, dried jasmine instead of lemon, even if they were not perfect nor matching up with what I would normally like to have, I was at peace.


A little change for breakfast, but Oh Comely was still there for company. It must be a big part of the reason for my peaceful mind.

I did the laundry in the afternoon. I like doing the laundry, from the beginning of collecting the clothes, bringing them to the washing machine, choosing the right setting, then getting them out cleanly washed and full of fresh fragrance, hanging them up to clothes lines to dry, to the end of folding and putting them back to closet. It’s like a kind of meditation somehow. I like housing chores.

K-market sent me a coupon. Its value equals 5 euros. Did they know I need more money for food? Thank you.

Katariina and Truc sent me emails. Oh Comely did, too, for my email to enter the giveaway previously. I like it when people send me personal emails that make me smile and warm my heart.

I’m grateful for another good day in my life.


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