My biggest achievement of the day is to buy nearly a kilogram of salmon, 7 potatoes, and 6 bananas, with only €3,40. In K-market, salmon is now €6,99/kg (without K-card is €10,95/kg), banana is €0,99/kg, and potatoes is €0,39/kg. I got €1,93 off for the salmon since I had K-card, then I had the coupon of €5 they sent me the other day so I had that off also. In the end, it was €3,40 for me in total of everything. I was very happy. I wouldn’t imagine myself having salmon during this critical time, how surprisingly now I could. After this, I’m pretty much a K-market fan now. I mean, I have only purchased the sale items from there after making sure it’s the cheapest among the supermarkets, and they even gave me more money, so really, there’s no reason not to.

I made poached salmon for dinner, with the help of Nhung’s recipe. Oh, for the first time ever, I remove the fish scales before cooking. :3


The weather today was very nice – sunny and warm. When I walked to school, there was a tree with its yellow leaves glowing under the sunshine. It was really very beautiful.

I talked to the librarian a little bit in Finnish and she told me I could join Puhutaan Suomea HAMK campaign. I’m not often at school but I will join anyway : ). And I helped Van with her home exam for Working Finnish class. It was kind of fun actually.

Got to know this song from Oanh. I like its chorus. Its title can be translated as “Safe in my dream”, as if dream is the only safe place…


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