It was one of those days that I could take time to sit down with my Oh Comely and a cup of tea. Recently, I had been rushing with my morning routine, skipping Oh Comely, leaving my tea turning cold, and running to wherever I needed to be. It was good to be busy. Equally important, it was good to be with my quiet and thoughtful friends. It did me well.

What do you think about space travel? For centuries outer space was abstract and unknown. Did man walking on the moon change that; was it a loss of innocence?

Meteorites are evidence that outer space is not so distant, that space itself can come and touch us and we can touch it. I see space missions as the fulfillment of a dream, and the promise that other dreams can also be fulfilled. Some things – being a scientist, entering religious life, or maybe getting married – you go through them with dreams and expectations. If it works out right, you find out that it was even more wonderful than you could ever have imagined. I hope space travel will have that same effect on humanity.

the pope’s astronomer (Oh Comely issue 17)

Na came to my place right before I went out, so we went together to the center. Tokmanni wasn’t ready to open, so we headed to K-City market. It welcomed us with many good deals. Originally, I thought I would buy only tomato (€0.99/kg), but then I ended up buying much more. Honeydew melon, cantaloupe melon, zucchini, mango, and royal gala apple – they all had the price of €1.00/kg. I was very happy. When we went to Lidl, although the white table grapes were out of stock already, we found chicken thigh to be on sale (€1.49/kg instead of the usual price €1.99/kg). The upcoming week, I won’t be hungry.


My little treasure of fruits and vegetables I bought today. ❤

I was reading this article and I liked it: A Dish in the Mind. I liked gentle and beautiful words.

Oh, talking about “gentle”. Last night, I dreamed of a person who gently pulled me into his arms, kissed on my head, caressed my hair. He was a team leader or something. He had a certain kind of power, and he was gentle to me. I remembered waking up, mumbling, “When will you walk out of my dreams and step in my reality?”.


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