7.10.2013. Why do I like Monday?

. When I had nearly forgotten it already, it came. A person on tumblr was sending out things for people who followed her there, as long as they dropped her an email to her email address. I thought the idea was nice, plus I want to receive something else other than bills and advertisements to my mail every now and then, so I wrote her. Today, her mail came. I liked it. Not only because everything was put neatly as if I can imagine her doing this mail carefully step by step, but also because warmth can be spread just like that between strangers. How lovely.


. I cut my fringe since Saturday was my shampoo-ing day and I didn’t have time for that. Then I came to the bank, met an unfamiliar face but she was cheerful and kind. When I came back, I paid all the bills I had. It was painful to see the money went. At the same time, I knew this month I was saved.

. For the rest of the day, I was with Dean, Emmi, and Antti. I hadn’t met Dean for a while. Antti and I were supposed to talk about the photo shoot, and now I realize we didn’t talk about it at all… I knew Emmi since the previous time when she had the performance with Dean and Annina, and this time I had chance to get to know her a bit more. I liked to hang out with them. Of course, especially when Dean bought me ice-cream : D. Just kidding, certainly not only because of that. : ) I bought a pair of tights in Seppälä (€9.95) since I would need it now in autumn and also later on during winter. I lost my previous pair in Lärkkulla, still don’t know how it happened. This pair was exactly the same kind, I think. It was warm, with the “Thermo” sign on it. I refused to use any more money, although others convinced me only for my own good because I was terribly hungry. Later on, on our way back, Antti and I went to Siwa and I bought a pack of Tuc cracker for €0.99. The cashier was a lively girl.

. The other day in Working Finnish class, Raija asked people which weekday they liked. My answer was Monday and everybody was surprised. During this period, it wasn’t that surprising to me. A bit earlier, it was because on Monday I would receive my score for my assignment of the previous week as well as email from Prof. Plous from Social Psychology course. Then it was also because there’s new Running Man episode being subbed and published so I could download and watch and laugh. And of all the day, Monday brings hope of something new. New chance of something good happen, new people to meet, new things to do. Fresh energy for the new week, that’s something I’ve always liked.

. What else did I like today? IU released her new album – Vol. 3 Modern Time! All the songs from it took over the charts, not just one song! Wasn’t it incredible? Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ it!


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