It was foggy and rainy. I knew I should have brought the umbrella along, but I didn’t.

Walking on the autumn street, I listened to IU.

Before the album was released, I was skeptical. I didn’t like it much the concept LOEN was putting IU through: blonde and sexy. And jazz? It was like an art I could only look from afar.

Then the album was released, and I found myself being pleasantly satisfied. The fairytale-like and fantasy feeling still lingers pretty much there, although her music is quite different compared to previously. And IU’s voice is soothing as always. I think it is desirable to listen with headphones or use headphones to listen to her, or speakers that can fill up the whole room with quality sound. Some people can find her thin and high voice to be annoying on low quality sound systems.

It was a special moment when I was looking at a curve of the road ahead that was lined up by interleaved yellow and green trees, the top was fading to the fog and to the sky, I felt as if I could imagine IU smiling while singing the song, her laughter was hidden somewhere between the lines. I imagined IU and everyone who worked on this album were throwing ideas into this and how they had fun along the way. Some other times, the magic simply came when her voice, the instruments, the rhythm, they all blended in and it flowed like a blanket of consolation to my mind and my soul. I liked to listen to her like that – just me, her music, and the sleazy air surrounding me. No distractions.

I was thinking of posting the song that features Gain from Brown Eyed Girls, but then I changed my mind. My most favorite song from the album is Bad Day – a song IU herself composed. It somehow matched me walking on the autumn street listening to her songs today. As usual, I didn’t like it much when I listened to it on laptop. With headphones, it was a totally different feel.

I kept reading Fugitive Pieces. Its beginning was rather difficult to understand, but I got over it and started enjoy it a lot now. Reading it was like going through a dream.

A boy I saw today kind of stood out from the crowd. He was good looking, he seemed clever, and he knew how to have fun. It happened to me sometimes that the boys I saw are just boys. Some of them didn’t pay attention to their knowledge and their paths. Others didn’t care about their relationships (e.g. family and girlfriend). It was hard to see someone who has a decent sense of responsibility: to his own body, mind/soul, path to success, how to have fun, and to people who are supposed to be of important to him. Today, I was surprised. I hope I wasn’t mistaken.


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