IU has achieved perfect all-kill on charts in Korea (I like to emphasize on the “perfect all-kill”, since it’s more meaningful than just all-kill : p). As a fan who hasn’t been able to do anything for her, I’m really glad her music is still well-received in her homeland despite all the obstacles. I hope she will be able to grow not just as an idol but also, and more, as an artist. I’m proud to be her fan.

My second most favorite song from her album is Daydream (feat. Yang Hee Eun). It came as a surprise, since I didn’t think I would like Yang Hee Eun’s voice very much. Strangely, when her voice combines to IU’s in this song, it’s like a match made in heaven. Softly and gently, it speaks my mind.

Good Doctor episode 14 touched me today. Mettle, bravery, courage – it’s not that you are not in fear; you are in fear but you do it anyway. Heard it from somewhere already, but only when I watched it I suddenly felt it deeply. And the end of the episode, it melted my heart.


from my windows.

Autumn… Things have changed a lot.


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