It was a sunny day. It lifted my mood when I woke up.

It wasn’t very cold when I went out. I could feel the warmth of the sun. It will become rare to nonexistent during winter. It’s the twist. Gloomy but warm, bright but cold. There’s no way to choose though. The decision isn’t in our hands. Or we can have some sensible environmental acts and make it less tough.

Mom didn’t see my nails since we still didn’t manage to get Google Hangout working from her side. I’ve come to term with short nails and long hair and graceful proper look – the kind of girl my mom wants me to be. It’s just this one with the colors on my nails that I still couldn’t agree with. It took me a couple of hours to calmly write back to her. I told her I don’t go out a lot these days, and it would of course be different when I go to interviews. It’s the truth. I remove it all for interviews and important meetings. I actually like my bare nails. I just need some colors every now and then – happy colors.

The room is cold. The strongest heater is in the bathroom. The one in the main room is not warm on its whole surface. Same for the small one in the kitchen. I think about my room in Lärkkulla again. It was a small room and it was cold, not because of the heater but because of the old windows. How I miss it so…

Listening to music playing randomly from the library felt good. Not the songs that I repeatedly play these days, but something old becoming new again.

The moon is beautiful today. Suddenly think about a period of time that I was holding it all in, doing things for other people, being in pain all by myself. And what for? A jerk. How fortunate now that they’re not in my life anymore. Really, seriously.

Tomorrow will be new – new day, new week.


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