. When I checked how long and how far I walked today, I realized the last time I went for a walk was in May. After leaving Lärkkulla, it became hard for me to do the things I did before. But little and little, I did it. Wearing the clothes I wore when I was there, painting my nails the colors I did back then, listening to the songs represented each of us – Closer by Frida Amundsen for me, Dark Paradise by Lana del Rey for Oanh, Hän Tanssi Kanssa Enkeleiden by Suvi Teräsniska for Khoa, listening to Uniqlo wake up ringtone for cloudy/foggy/rainy days and thinking about the airy mornings of light and breaths… I will keep missing it for as long as I could. Moving forward doesn’t mean leaving it all behind. Today, I went for a walk and listened to the radio again.

. I got the best news of the day all thanks to Linh. Really think I’m suitable for that job, no doubt she thought of me immediately when she first read it. I forgot to mention about my completion of Social Psychology course in my updated CV, but of course it doesn’t stop me from being happy over the top now! I hope I will get through.

. 頑張ろう。


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