Khoa called when I was reading book and having tea to help with my sleep yesterday. Thought he would hang up soon but we actually managed to talk a bit. How nice. It swept away all the negative emotions I had had before that.

It’s been raining for the last two days so the weather has been warmer. Today when I walked out, the wind touched my face gently and played around with my hair. The sun came out for a short while, too. It was all perfect.

After a very long time, I made this dish that I learned from sis Noi Nieu again. I hadn’t eaten pork for how long I don’t remember, then I mistook a box of it to be on sale and I bought it. Luckily it wasn’t too expensive (€6.99/kg), I could make good use of every parts of it for many meals, it tasted better than most kind of pork I had eaten before, so in the end it didn’t give me any regrets. Chinese cabbage has been awfully expensive, around €3.50/kg, but it’s light so I managed to get a piece with €0.95. Together with eggs, ginger, oyster sauce, for dinner I had a kind of luxurious but delicious meal. Looking at the food makes me craving for it again now, right before going to bed, agr!



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