. I was too happy for words today when I received the very first present for my birthday this year from Chu Huong Mai and a heartwarming birthday card from Rebekka.

Mai bought me the second volume of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. Although her name wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the package, I knew immediately it was her present when I saw it. When I read the book, it felt like this volume was better than the first volume. Big part of the reason must be because it was a birthday present from her.


Rebe’s card was filled with kind, encouraging, and inspiring words that warmed my heart. She was one of the best people I know from AIESEC with her special talent of making people smile and capturing their hearts. I was (and still am) awkward with almost all sort of relationships though, so naturally we drifted apart when AIESEC wasn’t the bridge anymore. I’m very happy now that we will have chance to keep in touch.


Really, seriously, these two things I received today, they were the best gifts Mai and Rebe could give me.

At times when I don’t expect at all, there are pleasant surprises coming to my mailbox. ❤

Oh, talking about that, whoever delivered newspapers to my building got it wrong again :”). My neighbor didn’t have Valkeakosken Sanomat to read this morning :”). On the front page, it’s said: “Kaikki me täällä Suomessa olemme maahanmuutajia”. It was the thing our tour guide for the Raasepori castle trip with Lärkkulla. That trip, the sentence, the current situation here and now… It’s interesting how things in life are intertwined.

. From dreamstime newsletter about the free image of the week, Indian corn came to my knowledge. Special indeed.

. Tell Me What the Rain Knows. I got to know this song from Linh many years ago. Suitable, isn’t it? For another rainy and some bits of sunny day like today.


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