I haven’t been reading what people post on facebook recently. Once in a while, I feel that it is necessary. The new things, the flow of information, what people like, how they are,… it all can become overwhelming sometimes. It would be so good if everything was gentle to my mind, but it’s not.

My own life, I want to live it well.

I talked to my family today. My parents went out to eat and mom explained why. It started from the bet between them, about whether the weather would be the lowest of 18°C or 19°C. Who saw it wrongly would have to pay for the meal. The line on the T.V. didn’t appear again, but they decided to go out for mushroom hotpot anyway. It reminded me of my childhood, when they would have this kind of bet every now and then, and both my sister and I would like it a lot since we would go out to eat in restaurants no matter mom or dad won. My sister and her husband seemed to be all well with my dear nephew Sam. That precious little creature, he’s going to turn one year old very soon. I love to see him, to hear him laugh and cry and also his “brum brum” sound when he plays with his hand and lips. I really want to meet him. Children grow up quickly, he won’t be a small child for long.

Life can be as simple as that. My sister is busy with work and her family, and she goes to visit people or people come to visit her. Anna – my teacher back then at Lärkkulla – doesn’t have a facebook account and she doesn’t intend to have one. Looking at them makes me wonder why I care so much. I don’t have to. Like Janne told me, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. Isn’t it so true? Take care of my health, work hard, care for my family. If it’s what I want, go do it, and do it well.

Rain for the soul. When I look at it, I think about how we will all disappear one day and there's no need really for all this sadness.

Rain for the soul. When I look at it, I think about how we will all disappear one day and there’s no need really for all these trivialities.


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