Some things were solved and some things were not.

My window was finally fixed. The maintenance man came in the afternoon. He didn’t speak English. Right when he contacted me first on the phone and when he came to the place, he used Finnish only. Although it wasn’t perfect, we managed to communicate okay. My landlord wrote me in Finnish at first but he also said I could use English. Getting the problem solved quickly was of higher priority than practicing Finnish, so I wrote back to him in English. He seemed like a nice person. I like the tone in his emails. He asked about the situation regularly, and he friendly wrote “Take care!” in the last email. Reminded me of the emails I used to handle back then when I worked in GPD. His name is Mikko Aalto. I told Mikko K. that my landlord’s name is also Mikko, he laughed and said “Mikko’s are always best” : )). “Aalto” means “wave”, but when I hear it I think more about Aalto University : D.

My problem with a specific system for school didn’t work out as nicely. It requires more work now. Well, anyway, at least it went through successfully with renewing the books online.

Watching The Future Choice inspired me to work harder on my work for Blinkist. I’m going to have a full day at school tomorrow, but I’ll try to work on it during spare time.

Now, let’s have another day of going to bed early. : )


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