In the morning, apart from pampering myself (cutting my fringe, washing my hair, using Yves Rocher Rose body lotion, putting on some make-up), I nearly finished episode 16 of Master’s Sun. I watched this K-drama because of Truc, despite the fact that ghost is an essential part of it. Usually I like the things she suggests. This one is in her top 3 K-dramas (the other two are A Gentleman’s Dignity which I watched 4 or 5 times already, and Pasta which I haven’t watched), and I liked its OST a lot (not the MV but the music), so it was natural I gave it a go. I think waking up early to watch it helped a lot (Truc found this very funny, she said no one is like me – watching ghost show in the morning), plus the ghosts are quite lovely according to Truc. It didn’t annoy me with illogical details like many K-dramas I watch recently, so I kind of liked it. Then the turning point of the show annoyed me big time through ep. 12 and 13, which ruined all the supposed-to-be-touching moments. I liked it again in ep. 14 (this is the second time I like a K-drama’s ep. 14, the previous time was Good Doctor), and tomorrow I will watch the last one.

In the afternoon, I came to Working Finnish class (I skipped the morning, and no, it wasn’t because of Master’s Sun. I was late already so I turned to watch it) and Mathematics class. In Working Finnish class, I studied again the “pitää/täytyä/olla pakko” and “pitäisi” structure with the negative of “ei tarvitse”. In Mathematics class, we continued with calculating interest, which came as an interesting but not surprising fact of how the Osuuspankki bank calculate the interest of deposit for individual (using British calendar), company (using French calendar), and loan (using German calendar). I also managed to work a bit on the current book for Blinkist. After that, despite awfully hungry, I came to Majik’s dance class. Since I was used to Dean’s style, it was a bit difficult to follow Majik’s style and speed. Nonetheless, it was fun : ) I liked the song and the moves. Also liked Majik’s comment on my post on his facebook timeline thanking him for the dance class: “Thanks for coming, keep on dancing!” : D Really glad for myself that I made the decision to come. Hadn’t been moving that much for a long while, now I wonder what my body will have to say tomorrow. : p

In the evening, I received Doina’s message, and there was another episode of The Future Choice to watch. The pork I marinated yesterday to fry today tasted really good, it was tender and not dry at all. I had fruits to eat, and I’ve been drinking lots of water today.

Happy happy happy happy ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀


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