It’s the end of October. I’ve never fond of Halloween, so this occasion doesn’t mean anything for me, except to be prepared to see scary stuffs suddenly popping out of all the unexpected places on the Internet (I cut off my visits to tumblr totally these days). My only joy back then was a set of O.P.I nail polish which consisted of crackled black and glow-in-the-dark green. I love the combination of green and black, and that set was one of my best favorites to put on. Luckily I was able to take pictures of it, since I couldn’t use these two nail polishes anymore. They’ve become too dense. The black polish is so thick it doesn’t crack, when it cracks it’s too dry and doesn’t stick to the nails. It becomes even messier with the glow-in-the-dark green on. What a pity.

It was also the last dance class with Majik this afternoon. He said it was due to his personal reason. I guess it was because he lives in Tampere and it’s easier for him to practice there. In any case, it was his decision and we need to respect that. So it was only 2 days of dancing for me. I didn’t remember all the moves, but I had fun and I liked it. Jeez, I also miss Dean’s class a lot… Those were the days.

I met incredibly many familiar faces during my short way back home. Reminded me of the timesin Karjaa when we usually met Jussi in the supermarkets, and every time he would say “Pieni kaupunki!” (Small city!).


The last autumn leaves. After dancing intensely for an hour, the wind felt gentle and there was no sharp cold anymore.

The pork I bought from K-market with the spices for the marination was exceptionally good. Today I made the last half of the piece I bought last time with a bit less spices, and it was as tender as I remember from last time. I thought of buying more of that pork, it was still on sale, but its expiration date was today, so I had to stop my greed.

Tomorrow when I open my eyes, I will be living my dear November.


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