. I’ve been thinking a lot in my dreams. Thinking, remembering.

. Head & Shoulders conditioner is strangely scarce here in this area. I didn’t find any in S-market, and there was only one kind in K-market. It wasn’t the apple scent I was using, but a general balsam one for normal hair. The situation didn’t allow me to walk all the way to the center, so I bought it anyway.

Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner weren’t my choice for most of my life. I was using Dove, Pantene, Double Rich, Enchanter, L’Oreal, and some other various brands when I curled my hair. I wasn’t sure why. There must be some bad impressions with it when I was small – either its scent or the connotation it bears (anti-dandruff).

When I used up the gigantic bottle of Pantene Truc gave me (it was from Vietnam, and its scent was something I really liked), I think it was when I changed to Head & Shoulders. I needed it, and its new line of apple scent mentioned on Real Simple caught my attention.

Today when I used the newly bought conditioner which wasn’t what I wanted initially, my first thought was “How long will I need to bear this?”. Then unexpectedly, now when my hair is dry and its scent is clear, it reminds me of Home, of Hanoi. Isn’t it enough of a reason to smile? : )


. IU ends her promotion for The Red Shoes and her 3rd full-length album Modern Times this week (after this, she will have a 4-day concert and a drama to film). The Red Shoes wasn’t my favorite when it came out, but I’ve grown to like it after listening to it again and again while listening to the whole album and watching the performances on music shows every week for the last 4 weeks. The last performance will be on Inkigayo tomorrow, but I think this one remains as my favorite since she wore a beautiful red dress that went well with her red shoes, her make-up made her look like she was glowing, the hat was super cute, and she didn’t hold the mic in her hands like other performances which made the moves feel freer:

Trouble Maker’s new song ‘Now’ isn’t as good as their debut song of their own name ‘Trouble Maker’, but certainly the live performance of this duo lives up to expectation. They have chemistry while performing together, the choreography was good and they dance well to it, they heat up the stage and it’s entertaining. I guess they will get cups on music shows soon.

. Chi Pu’s style looks cool here. And the song sounds good.


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