. There’s no easy work. Once something is chosen as worth doing and suffering for, do it all the way. Don’t give up.

. Mom said the birthday card I made for my nephew was intelligent and creative. She also complimented me for being beautiful, told me to stay like that and shouldn’t wear flashy make-up. I guess she didn’t realize that I did wear make-up in the photo… Not flashy though, of course.

. It rained through the night and through the day. I like the sound of it on the roof outside. Didn’t see any fat squirrels with fluffy tails today though, nor the fat tabby cat with “white-sock” on its all 4 feet. The picture were usually completed with the appearance of some fat birds. Jeez, there are many fat creatures here, especially during winter. And they are all very lovely.

. Oh Comely never fails to give me inspiration boost.

❝The beautiful part of space technology is its use for pure science and exploration, but this is also the problematic bit. What can be the defence of its use of public money when it has no practical application? To Josh, this is a no-brainer. “I’m of the opinion that to get out of the rat race, the human race had to develop; we have to learn about the universe around us. Why do we go to the moon? Because we’re explorers by nature, because we want to understand our universe. I would be heartbroken if people didn’t feel that way. It’s what we’re programmed to do, to go out and be curious.”

Of course, I did not have the balls to admit I was one of those heart-breakers, someone who doesn’t understand why others risks their lives journeying to out-of-my-world places like outer space.

So how could Josh’s work fascinate someone as Earth-bound as me? Because the stories about space reveal the nature of the humans who burn to explore it. I understood a little more why explorers were willing to die at the South Pole, and that some people really do go to work on difficult problems every day with a spring in their step.

Interesting people lurk all around you. It may seem obvious, but for an antisocial introvert like myself, this is a hard-won piece of knowledge, gained slowly and painfully over the past ten years. So here’s my challenge to you, reader: interview an acquaintance. Allow the people at the fringes of your life to surprise you.❞

– Oh Comely issue 17.


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