. f(x)’s Pink Tape album when I need energy, Touch Love by Yoon Mi Rae when I miss it, and IU’s Modern Times when I just want to listen to music and heal the soul. I’m glad I have them with me these days.

. I call it the “accompany window”. When all other windows are with the closed blind or simply with no light, that one is wide open with the view and is filled with warm light just like mine.

. The guy with the hot pink crocs doesn’t wear crocs anymore. Maybe it’s now too cold for that. What a pity. : p

. I knew Im Soo Jeong models for SK-II (for about 5 or 6 years already?), but I didn’t know it was such an expensive brand! Today I watched Jen’s newest video in which she mentioned about SK-II products, so I went to the links she provided to check, out of curiosity since two persons I like have something to do with it. Only then I knew its price range… Then I decided, I think I better keep with my low-price products and try to eat and drink to help with that, than spending money on expensive cosmetics. Definitely not now.

. I think Oanh and Khoa will get me Oh Comely one-year subscription for my birthday this year! How can I express how happy I am now… Oh my oh my oh my… Maybe I won’t be able to sleep tonight!!


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