My sister used her phone to join us today on Google Hangout since she hadn’t reached home by then yet. Pierrick was driving and Sam was sleeping in the back. It was amazing. Then our family talked for about an hour and a half. My sister changed to laptop, Sam woke up from his sleep and played with the books. He walked his first steps on his birthday. He’s afraid now though because he fell on his head when he tried to walk. He started to know how to mimic my sister to wave as a way to say hi or goodbye, to show “fireworks” and to play ú òa with his hands, to show what’s “a fish”, to look at my sister with a special facial expression when he’s scolded. What a cutie. My parents and I couldn’t stop smiling while watching him. The cat at my parents’ house also appeared for a moment. “Naughty” is the word whenever I see it.

Our family today. <3

Our family today. ❤

Later during the day, I chatted with Truc on facebook. She said Mi’s and her memories are fading away. There are things they don’t remember they did, places they don’t remember they visited. She said it’s true that we can’t rely on our memories. I told her I’ve been telling people that but they don’t believe me. That’s why I’ve been writing and taking photos. How else will I be able to protect these precious memories? I will forget everything eventually. That’s a sorely sad truth I can’t deny. I wish I would never forget, but I will, no matter how much I want to remember.

I also talked to Oanh and Khoa on Skype. Initially we had video chat on Google Hangout, but the connection was rather bad, so we switched. It had glitches every now and then, but at least we were able to communicate. Talking to them made me miss Lärkkulla again, and it had the same effect on them. The place that gave me one of the sweetest and most glorious periods of my life, how could I not miss it. Even if we’re struggling now, I hope we will be able to continue walking bravely. And shine, like we did back then. Three of us, we can.


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