I never felt any difference when I turned to a new age before, but this time I feel quite a swift change. Suddenly there’s this sense of being mature and responsible, it comes and it shouts, “You’re wasting your time! Stop procrastinating, get something done and take care of yourself!”. Today somebody told me to not grow up : p and I admit I would love to stay as a child. As the youngest daughter in the family, I was pampered rather well despite my mom being rather strict. I used to always have my way and I was carefree in the loving care of them as well as most people I encountered. But I can’t stay in that bubble forever. I can’t avoid life and I can’t avoid growing old. I don’t want to become a reckless and irresponsible old woman. Better taking charge of my life, and growing up nicely and happily at that.

Today I received the birthday card from Doina. It was a green one with the stamp that marked my actual birthday date, and words that put a smile on my face. It also reminded me of Yrsä – Dean’s bunny, and of all of us during that period of time. I miss her, and I miss us.


Oh, and this is Matti’s card for me, specially delivered on time yesterday before midnight. He also gave me the bag, saying it was cute. I think so, too, so I put it to the background and take picture of both of them together.


Clearing up the apartment took a lot of time, but throwing away all the unnecessary things and having a clean(er than before) apartment felt good. I also met another neighbor in the laundry room. It seems like I would meet a neighbor whenever I go there. It isn’t a bad thing, of course. In fact, I like to meet them. They are all nice and friendly, and they all speak Finnish. Short conversations, but still better than nothing.

Gonna go to sleep early today!!


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